Participate in Millennial Generation Student
                     TeamUp Campaign & Win Exciting Prizes


  1. 2 Free Pass For Digital Workshops/Events On Tech (AI, ML, IOT, ROBOTICS, DS, ) & Business (DM, SU, BC, CA)
  2. 2 Practicing Video Call Interviews & Personalized Guidance Sessions
  3. Teaming Up Opportunities with Experts & Mentors From your field
  4. Gift Hampers
  5. Internships & Remote Work Opportunities with us & our Partnered Companies and Start Ups


  1. Form 3 Teams under MyTeam at Nexgeno with Fellow Millennials
    • One Team with your College Student
    • One Team with a Student in a Different City
    • And One Team With a Working Professional/StartUp of your Domain
  2. Exchange Knowledge, Information Or Opportunity in MyTeam via Voice/Video Call Or Text, Image, PDF, link,Audio Or Video with your Team Mate
  3. Tag Nexgeno : Share your Experience with mention "My Learning Team on Nexgeno" On Social Media (FB, Ln, Tw, Insta) & Tag 3 Friends To Participate in Millennial Generation StudentTeamup Campaign & Win Exciting Prizes


  • We shall Only Consider Proper Profile
  • Tagged Friend Shall not be member of your MyTeam
  • Nexgeno Reserves the right to change the clause as best suited anytime
  • All Criterias to be met

Team Up With A Fellow Millennial

Share an idea, knowledge or information with someone you know, someone from your city or someone from another city & See what you won on