Professional Brand Influencer


  1. Leadership, Branding & Marketing Apprenticeship Certificate
  2. Special Hampers to Top Performers with Innovative Ideas
  3. Chance To Be A Part of Our Virtual Team & Earn
  4. 2 Free Passes For Digital Workshops/Events On Tech (AI, ML, IOT, ROBOTICS, DS, ) & Business (DM, SU, BC, CA)
  5. Build your Brand/Relation among Startups & Corporate sectors for future jobs
  6. Apprenticeship Awards to Early Target achievers
  7. Letter Of Recommendation from Nexgeno
  8. Get a chance to conduct Educational & Entrepreneurship Live Video Seminars/Workshops in collaboration with Nexgeno To Earn & Learn -
  9. Teaming Up opportunity with HRs, Project Heads, Experts, Working Professionals of their domain

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Publish Nexgeno Creative Collaterals on Social Media
  2. Circulate All Event, Podcasts, Contests News among your Peers, Friends & Colleages
  3. Make requisite personal experience based or Campaign content (Nexgeno Related) & Share it on Social Media
  4. Motivate your Experts to deliver Podcasts on Interested Domain (Podcasts should be on Innovation, Technology or education)

Terms And Conditions

  • Nexgeno Reserves the right to change the clause as best suited anytime
  • The Certificate of Apprenticeship shall be provided only on the successful completion of the complete term.
  • The representation can be revoked at any time of the year if the PA fails to perform reasonably well or any reason the Company deems Best
  • Nexgeno shall send all the publicity materials to you but will not be liable for extra cost incurred the Influencer.
  • Nexgeno Reserves the right to change the clause as best suited anytime
  • Watch All Demos For Understanding Purposes
  • Call : 9664296972