Student Brand Influencer Internship
                              Next Generation College Ambassador

About us :

  • The Global Social Network of Learning & Business for Millennial Generation
  • Motto : Make Student Learning years, Professional Journey & StartUp/Entrepreneurial life Easy
  • The selected College Ambassador, in his entire tenure would represent Brand "Nexgeno"of Company Mark us Infotech 9 Pvt Ltd in their college
  • They would be equipped with tools that would be aimed to bring about his personal development as well as advancement of the Professional & entrepreneurial eco-system in his college.

Reasons to BecomeĀ Student Brand Influencer of Nexgeno

  1. Leadership, Branding & Marketing Internship Certificate
  2. Build your Brand/Relation among Startups & Corporate sectors for internships & future jobs
  3. Get a chance to conduct Educational & Entrepreneurship Live Video Seminars/Workshops for your college in collaboration with Nexgeno
  4. Special Hampers to Top Performers with Innovative Ideas
  5. Create your Strong Direct Teams for Learning, Professional & Startup life
  6. Improve your Management and Leadership skills
  7. Letter Of Recommendation from Nexgeno
  8. Teaming Up opportunity with HRs, Project Heads, Experts, Working Professionals of their domain
  9. Apprenticeship Awards to Early Target acheivers

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Publish Nexgeno Creative Collaterals in your Personal & College Social Media, Bulletin Boards & Maintain Presence in Tech/Cultural FestĀ of your College
  2. Circulate All Events, Podcasts, Contests News among all college students
  3. Planning & Organising Entrepreneurship and Educational Live event/seminar/workshop Online at Nexgeno
  4. Be Available for Team Support for your College Student's Professional, Learning & Startup Enquiries
  5. Conduct Video Panel For Interview Preparation & Mentorship on Nexgeno for your College Students
  6. Ensure enthusiastic participation of your college in the activities and competitions conducted by Nexgeno
  7. Motivate your College Students to deliver Podcasts on Intersted Domain (Podcasts should be on Innovation, Technology or education)
  8. Make requisite personal experience based content (Nexgeno Related) & Share it on Social Media

Terms And Conditions

  • The Certificate of Internship shall be provided only on the successful completion of the complete term.
  • The representation can be revoked at any time of the year if the CA fails to perform reasonably well.
  • More than one CA can be selected from a college depending upon the strength of the college.
  • Nexgeno shall send all the publicity materials to the respective colleges Students, but will not be liable for extra cost incurred by the CA.
  • Nexgeno Reserves the right to change the clause as best suited anytime
  • Call : 9664296972